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WHO WE ARE: We are a group of over 200 (growing by the day) of Illinois residents who have come together to investigate the fraud in the 2020 Election. We currently are organized on the Telegram platform. Get on the Telegram app and search for “TTT Roll Call” group; join it. Then scroll to the TS+Illinois state group. Click the link to join.

WHAT WE DO: We have organized various committees based on our individual strengths to unite the People of Illinois to take back their government from those who have usurped their positions through unlawful means.



  • FOIA Requesting all documents and contracts pertaining to the voting machines and software used in the 2020 Election
  • Exposing any municipality that failed to meet the federal requirements under the Help America Vote Act of 2002.
  • FOIA Requesting/Obtaining access to the full voter rolls for the state of Illinois, compare to the number of “persons” who voted to audit the number of unlawful votes cast.
  • Sending letters to the Attorney General, Governor, and other state officials to demand they uphold our federal civil rights as it pertains to COVID-19, and to cease this continued violation of our rights.
  • File writs of mandamus against any official failing to act in the People’s interest.


A writ of quo warranto is a common law writ that traces its origins back to English Common law. Illinois has codified this common law writ via statute: “A proceeding in quo warranto may be brought in case:(1) Any person usurps, intrudes into, or unlawfully holds or executes any office, or franchise, or any office in any corporation created by authority of this State…3) Any public officer has done, or allowed any act which by the provisions of law, works a forfeiture of his or her office.” 735 ILCS 5/18-101.

Although certain states have provided for a private right of action by any member of the citizenry, the Illinois courts have limited standing for quo warranto actions to 1) persons directly harmed by the unlawful usurpation—those candidates who ran against the person currently in office, or 2) the Attorney General or other state prosecuting authority.[1]

Because the People are of the sound belief that the government officials that would otherwise have the authority to bring this action (the Attorney General or State’s Attorney) are complicit in the fraud, we are limited in our remedies. We must either 1) find candidates such as yourself who were directly affected by the corruption to join in filing the quo warranto action; or 2) request the Court appoint a special counsel.


Our team believes that upon a true vetting of the voter rolls with that of the actual number of votes cast, we will have irrefutable evidence of voter irregularities to prompt the calling of a special election. Unfortunately, as private citizens unaffiliated with an official political organization, we have been precluded from gaining access to the voter rolls (despite this being in direct violation of the state FOIA statute). We hope that, at a minimum, you will assist our group with obtaining access to that data to help build our case against the corruption.

OUR ULTIMATE GOAL: We the People want a special election on paper ballots with full transparency. The 2020 election operated in the dark of night to implement procedures that threatened the integrity of our elections. We the People want to know that those people in office are the candidates who actually received the vote of the People. Corruption in this state must be stopped. We the People have had enough. Please help us save the State of Illinois.

[1] An individual seeking leave to file quo warranto suit must demonstrate that he has standing by showing that he has a private interest which is directly, substantially and adversely affected by the challenged act, which is either then occurring or certain to occur, and which is distinct from the interests of the general public, even though some members of the public might be affected in the same manner.People ex rel. Wofford v. Brown, 2017 IL App (1st) 161118.

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