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8.25.2022- CALL TO ACTION-10th Amendment Violation

📌Email and/or mail the following letter to SOS White, Attorney General Raoul, IL State Board of Elections board members, county clerks, county sheriffs and state attorney generals. Contact lists are found below. While I am in my hearing please do this and tell your friends to do it. Mail it off and email- call and…
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2022.08.15. Join the fight to hold the developers of the Covid bioweapon accountable. This is the time to band together as Americans to stand up for our rights. Millions of people have been injured or killed by this virus. Why has nobody asked those responsible to be held accountable? This is not an argument about…
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8.11.2022- Write your Sheriff….

We are engaging our Sheriff’s in our counties across Illinois. They all swore an oath to uphold the Constitution of the state of Illinois and the Constitution for the United States of America. The letter (and mailing list) our part of We the Peoples effort to demand action to ensure valid elections and free the…
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