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On Mitch Armentrout, bearer of False Witness, and Q-Anon

Author: Brett Mahlen Mitch Armentrout of the Chicago Sun Times wrote two articles about the We Are the People of Illinois slate of candidates on March 11 and April 22, 2022. My name was on that slate, but Mr. Armentrout was incorrect to label me and those on the slate as QAnon. For the record,…
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2.7.2022- CALL TO ACTION to fill out a WITNESS SLIP for HB4640 – URGENT

2.7.2022 – HB4640 ACCESS TO PUBLIC HEALTH DATA has been moved to yet another committee. HB4640 is scheduled for hearing in the House and Human Services Committee on Wednesday, Feb. 9th at 9am. HB4640 will amend the Department of Public Health Act and, among other things, seeks to allow health departments to access your private…
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Truth, Justice, and the American Way

Truth, Justice, and the American Way While the baby boomers who are reading this will no doubt think about Superman, the man of steel, many younger adults may be only vaguely familiar with the phrase. While the phrase actually originated during an early 1940’s Superman radio serial, to cheer on the war effort, it was…
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