Truth, Justice, and the American Way

Truth, Justice, and the American Way

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Truth, Justice, and the American Way

While the baby boomers who are reading this will no doubt think about Superman, the man of steel, many younger adults may be only vaguely familiar with the phrase. While the phrase actually originated during an early 1940’s Superman radio serial, to cheer on the war effort, it was made famous in the Superman comic books by Joe Shuster and Jerry Siegel. 

In the 1960s, the kids cartoon series, “The New Adventures of Superman,” shifted to “truth, justice, and freedom.” Nevertheless, the Christopher Reeve classic film portrayal of “Superman,” in 1978,revived the “American Way” version, solidifying the superhero’s credo into the cultural consciousness of America. Why does this matter? Well, in July of 2021, DC Comics formally announced that Superman’s mission, and therefore his motto, would be evolving to “Truth, Justice, and a Better Tomorrow.” 

But is it? Is it a “better tomorrow?” And even more to the point, what’s wrong with the American Way? 


Somehow, we have been hoodwinked into believing all progress is good. Technical progress, medical progress, progressive politics, and on and on. While some progress is good, if it takes us to a place where we lose who we are and what we stand for, it becomes detrimental. 

As a nation, we are being pushed toward a future that most Americans don’t want – stuck on a runaway train, with no access to the handbrake. Yes, we willingly boarded the train, but without checking our tickets or our destination. After all, we’ve been taking the train for years now. 

As passengers, we sit in our seats, realizing that something is terribly wrong as the hours pass – terrified to move, watching everything our forefathers fought for whizzing by us as the skies darken and we head toward an unknown destination. The conductor reminds us to remain seated for our safety, and in the meantime we travel further from home and all that is familiar. 

Some passengers sit silently, desperately hoping that the destination we are headed to will be better than we anticipate – despite their trepidation. Others enthusiastically attempt to convince their fellow travelers that we are headed down the right track and not to worry, because, unbeknownst to everyone, the train’s operator has paid them to keep the passengers calm and under control. 

However, there are a handful of passengers, scattered about the various train cars that understand that this train is headed toward a cliff – and at a staggering speed. Slowly and carefully they begin to nod to one another, speak in whispers as they pass in the dining car or while entering or exiting the lavatory. They know that the only way to survive is to stop the forward progress of the train.

Regaining Control

While our hypothetical train has no cell phone service, our passengers do have access to pen and paper. Quietly, secretly, they create signs to place in the windows, behind the shades, asking for anyone who can see them to try to slow the train. Because they know that if they can slow it, they can stop it – and once they regain control, they can put the engine in reverse and get back on the right track – and back to the country they love.

Their signs are noticed – ignored by some, but a few patriots see them and decide to do something. The truckers driving down the highway parallel to the train, working to feed their families, decide this is too important to ignore. They coordinate over their CB radios and pull their rigs across the tracks in front of the runaway train,pulling away each time at the last minute, forcing the engineer to slow down at each upcoming intersection. 

The passengers who now understand they are not alone and forgotten, begin to speak up and sound the alarm, drowning out the voices of those who have been paid to keep everyone quiet as they head toward the cliff. As the train eventually slows almost to a stop, the now empowered passengers pull the emergency cord, bringing the powerful locomotive to a stop and throwing the conductor to the floor. They have regained control. 

Real Life Lessons

While my rather obvious analogy does not cover every aspect of our current situation, there are certain components of the story we should pay particular attention to. We have suddenly seen an uprising of real-life heroes in the multitude of Canadian truckers and those who support them, and from what I’ve seen American truckers are preparing to make their own stand. 

We, as passengers, need to do our part. We can use our pens and paper, continue fighting in the courts, gathering signatures to get on the ballot, writing to our representatives, and when the train slows down, we can take advantage of the momentum, bring it to a complete stop, and get ready to put our country back on the track our forefathers imagined. 

As for the Freedom Convoy 2022, we can pitch in for gas and other necessities our unlikely heroes will need to sustain themselves as they hit the road on our behalf. Do what you are able, give what you are able, speak up, make a sign, wave a flag, or say a prayer – we must all do our part if we want to reclaim the truth, real justice, and the American way.

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  1. George Weckbacher says:

    Nice easy read of an explanation pf why we are in trouble. TY Maureen.

  2. John Atkinson says:

    You speak the truth. I’ve been always in awe of progressive thought and knew it was leading our country to hell. Progressive thought has brought us communism socialism LGBTQ, biological men competing in women’s sports, wokeism add to the list. Stand up for decency and get our country back away from progressive ideology

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