COVID-19 Vaccination and Testing: Emergency Temporary Standard

COVID-19 Vaccination and Testing: Emergency Temporary Standard

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11.29.2021 – Posted by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration on Nov 4, 2021

DEPARTMENT OF LABOR Occupational Safety and Health Administration 29 CFR Parts 1910, 1915, 1917, 1918, 1926, and 1928 [Docket No. OSHA–2021–0007] RIN 1218–AD42 COVID–19 Vaccination and Testing; Emergency Temporary Standard

AGENCY: Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), Department of Labor.

ACTION: Interim final rule; request for comments.

SUMMARY: The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is issuing an emergency temporary standard (ETS) to protect unvaccinated employees of large employers (100 or more employees) from the risk of contracting COVID–19 by strongly encouraging vaccination. Covered employers must develop, implement, and enforce a mandatory COVID–19 vaccination policy, with an exception for employers that instead adopt a policy requiring employees to either get vaccinated or elect to undergo regular COVID–19 testing and wear a face covering at work in lieu of vaccination.

DATES: The rule is effective November 5, 2021. The incorporation by reference of certain publications listed in the rule is approved by the Director of the Federal Register as of November 5, 2021.
Compliance dates: Compliance dates for specific provisions are in 29 CFR 1910.501(m).

Comments: Written comments, including comments on any aspect of this ETS and whether this ETS should become a final rule, must be submitted by December 6, 2021 in Docket No. OSHA–2021–0007. Comments on the information collection determination described in Additional Requirements (Section V.K. of this preamble) (OMB review under the Paperwork Reduction Act of 1995) may be submitted by
January 4, 2022 in Docket No. OSHA–2021–0008.

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