10.22.2021- Update from Alderman Anthony Napolitano

10.22.2021- Update from Alderman Anthony Napolitano

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10.22.2021 – We need you to call EVERY Chicago alderman and demand to pass this!

Here’s an update: From- Alderman Anthony Napolitano

We now have 15 Aldermen signed on:

Gardiner (45th Ward), Cardona (31st Ward), Sposato (38th Ward), Beale (9th Ward), Burke (14th Ward), O’Shea (19th Ward), Quinn (13th Ward). Reilly (42nd Ward). Curtis (18th Ward). Villegas (36th Ward). Lopez (15th Ward). Hopkins (2nd Ward). Nugent (39th Ward).

On Monday morning, 10/25, we ask that you ring the phones off the hook at the following offices who have still not signed on. Our voices need to be heard.

Our city workers showed up for us every day during the worst of the pandemic. Now it’s time we show our support for them!

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