Is Anyone in Illinois Wondering Why They Can’t Get Through to Their Attorney General?

Is Anyone in Illinois Wondering Why They Can’t Get Through to Their Attorney General?

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By Lee Heath – 09 June 2021 – Under Review

While many of the concerned citizens of Illinois are fervently attempting to gain access to their Attorney General, Kwame Raoul, he seems to be on some sort of hiatus. It might be said that he is ducking these attempts because he is not anxious to act in regard to what is being mentioned in the numerous FOIA requests, emails, and notices that have been bombarding his website.

Like many other states in the union, we fear that Illinois may have fallen victim to the election complacency syndrome. For anyone unfamiliar with this condition, it is when citizens become complacent, believing that their duly elected representatives have been doing what they are supposed to do. Upon realization that this syndrome can lead to severe illness and even death of the democratic process and the republic itself, Illinoisians have been attempting to procure the necessary ingredients to effect a cure.

Because the Attorney General of Illinois is the highest-ranking legal officer in the state, many of the concerned members of the electorate have been trying to let him know that we need his help regarding this pressing matter. Despite their continuous efforts, they have not received any type of answer or other correspondence. They are beginning to think he is not interested in what his constituents (employers) have to say. This is quite unfortunate, as it has come to my attention that he is not blatantly disregarding these requests. He is likely not seeing them at all.

It’s Not His Fault

While it may be hard to believe for some, the Honorable Kwame Raoul is simply a victim of circumstances. Apparently, the Office of the Attorney General of Illinois has become the unwitting target of yet another cybercriminal. His office has been hacked and his system is unresponsive due to necessity (or perhaps the ransomware won’t allow him basic email privileges). Unfortunately, he has found himself at a loss as to how to convey this problematic situation to the multitude of citizens attempting to contact him.

It can be likened to that time when you were working remotely from your home office and your internet went down for a month and you were unable to let your boss know about it. Of course, your employer completely understood why you never reached out through your phone, or your Facebook account, or in the case of the Attorney General, through the media. Oh, that never happened to you? Of course, it didn’t. Because any reasonable individual knows that when someone who works for you simply drops out of site without any indication of what is going on – they no longer work for you.

That being said, politicians are a different breed, often misunderstanding what is reasonably expected of them. Therefore, we feel it is important to show the Attorney General of Illinois that we understand the precarious position he finds himself in and how we want to help. Admitting his office has been hacked might lead people to believe he is vulnerable to cyber warfare – or maybe he is simply looking for a good reason to delay doing his inevitable duty of reviewing the election irregularities that took place in the State of Illinois.

Nevertheless, since he is an employee of the electorate of the State of Illinois, we want him to know that we are ready to work through this difficult situation with him. As any good employer would do, We the People of Illinois are here to assist in any way we can. If a Writ of Mandamus would be a good start, we hope Attorney General Raoul will find a way to let us know (I have an old typewriter sitting around I can lend him).

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